#LoveOneEarth Tourable Art Exhibit

Valentine's Day - March 9

One Earth Film Festival has teamed up local artists and businesses to show love to their mother... Earth that is. In a special art + nature inspired art tour in Oak Park, #LoveOneEarth features work primarily made from found objects and reclaimed materials

The exhibit culminates with the One Earth Film Festival screening of "Angel Azul", a documentary featuring artist Jason DeCaires Taylor's sculptures submerged in the sea to stand-in as artificial coral to aide dying reefs. The screening is Saturday, March 7, 11 AM at the Chicago Cultural Center and will be followed by a panel discussion about art and environment, featuring Oak Park Art League artists, Bryan Northup & Margot McMahon.



Participating Artists & Businesses

Bryan Northup (Biolum Glass) at Green Home Experts

Bryan Northup - Biolum Glass Studio - www.biolumglass.com

"The environment, nature, to me is sacred. It has the power to not only sustain human existence but inspire works of art. I have always had a desire to align my values with what I create. When I see wastefulness, pollution, oil spills, landfills, and littering, I feel sick with anger. I love nature and want to protect it, preserve it. I find inspiration for my glass in forms nature created long ago and still continues to make; plant forms, microscopic organisims. I come back to again and again. I choose to make my crude attempts at replicating these inspiring forms out of discarded glass."  - Bryan Northup

Green Home Experts, 811 South Blvd., Oak Park-ghexperts.com

Green Home Experts LogoGreen Home Experts is the only company of its kind in the Midwest. We are a retail store that works with individuals, builders, designers, architects and landscapers to provide eco-friendly solutions for every day living. Our offerings are divided into three categories: Build Green, Live Green and Garden Center.

Margot McMahon at Scoville Square

"... Artwork can focus attention on the fragility and power of nature. [Art] connects  viewers to nature when urban living can cause us to need reminding. Art can draw attention to abrupt changes in nature caused by climate change. Symbols of change alert and remind the populous to adapt quickly." - Margot McMahon

Margot McMahon - margotmcmahon.com

Margot's work was featured as part of the The Chicago Tree Project which reclaimed condemned trees by sculpting them.  These carved song birds were suspended from the branches of a one graceful elm, ravaged by disease, on Lake Shore Drive south of 57th Street. During #LoveOneEarth the birds will hang in the annexed portion of the Scoville Square building on Lake Street, inspiring passersby.

Scoville Square - Oak Park Ave., & Lake Street

Built in 1905 by the Scoville Family, a founding family of Oak Park, and designed by E. E. Roberts, Scoville Square is rich in architectural detail as well as history. The preservation of this building maintains one of the few examples of Prairie-style architecture applied to a commercial building. scovillesquare.com

Christine Worley - chris@christineworley.com


Christine Worley at Winberie's

"The powerful, persistent forces of nature inspire my work. I use objects left by the side of the road, left on the banks of the river, protruding out of Lake Michigan, things that had a purpose in the past but now are left to be reclaimed ... Art is a visual reminder to see and notice what is real around us." - Christine Worley

Winberie's Restuarant - 151 N. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park, IL


Winberie's has been a favorite dining destination for 33 years.  Dedicated to the environment, the restaurant launched a robust recycling program 30 years ago, long before widely available commercials services and still adhere to strict guidelines to reduce and recycle packaging waste.  The restaurant has also recently turned over the facility to LED lighting with motion control capabilities.



Pamela Penney (Pamela Penney Textile Arts) at Ahmisa Yoga Studio

"A Stitch in Time Saves" Pamela Penney - pamelapenney.com

"As a 'creator' I've always been challenged by the urge to bring new works into the world, our environment, when there is already so much stuff. To meet this challenge it is my goal to either utilize materials that are already in our stream, giving them renewed purpose and life; or create unique and beautiful work that adds something that is not accomplished by the mass produced stuff of our everyday existence. The best scenario is when my work achieves both of these goals." - Pamela Penney

David & Deborah Stoklosa at Ahimsa Yoga Studio

David & Deborah Stoklosa

"...I walk alleys and dive into dumpsters. I am blessed or cursed to see what things can be, not what they are. The potential or waste is the motivation to make something useful, beautiful or both." - David Stoklosa

Ahmisa Yoga Studio - 441 South Blvd., Oak Park

ahimsaAhimsa is a sanskrit word that means non-harming is the inspiration for providing a safe, nurturing, non-competitive community atmosphere. The studio offers a wide variety of classes and styles to meet the needs of its diverse community.


Jonathan Franklin at Trattoria 225

"Shrunken Heads" - Jonathan Franklin -jfranklinart.com

"In what others may consider trash and fodder for landfill, I often see as a source of inspiration, invention, and discovery ... When art resonates it presents new and unexpected and different ways of perceiving the world. If the message or intention behind the art is clear and accessible, people may respond actively or more passively by integrating elements of the ideas behind it into their everyday lives. " - Jonathan Franklin

LuEllen Giera at Trattoria 225

LuEllen Giera

"Viewing art that uses recycled materials might serve as an inspiration to the observer to perhaps to consume less. If they see how much waste there is - in a different way - they might think about our environment in a different way. Tangible art = tangible action" - LuEllen Giera


Trattoria 225 - 225 Harrison Street, Oak Park - trattoria225.com

Trattoria 225 is a full service restaurant and bar featuring rustic Italian dining. Trattoria 225 strongly believes in supporting local producers and using organic products whenever possible. Located in the heart of the Oak Park Arts District, participation in #LoveOneEarth was a natural fit. Visit the restaurant to view work from #LoveOneEarth and many other local artists.