Welcome to the Film Team Hub for One Earth Film Fest 2015!  

This page was created for members of the Film Selection Team to help streamline the review and selection process, and to provide key information about the overall Festival and relevant happenings within the other subgroups -- Marketing, Fundraising, Venues & Site Logistics (including AV/Tech and Events), Young Filmmakers Contest, and Volunteers. The 4th annual Festival takes place Fri-Sun Mar 6-8, 2015 in multiple concurrent venues around Chicagoland. The OEFF2014 young filmmakers contest is accepting submissions between NOW and mid-January 2015 (cash prizes, matching grants, and a chance for a world premiere screening of winning films!). More info about OEFF in general is below ("Important OEFF Info!").

About the Film Team. We typically meet 4-5 times between Sept and Jan (so approximately once per month), and much of the work can be done remotely and online. Most of the films, for example, can be screened on your TV or computer via a private screening link you will receive from the filmmaker or distribution company, and each film can be evaluated using an online form. Here is some info about the Goals of the Film Festival, as well as the Role of the Film Team members.

Film SELECTION & PROGRAMMING Process. WE ARE HERE. -------> PHASE 2: now through Nov 7 (with a halfway-deadline of Mon Oct 6 @5P to have at least 4 of your 6-8 "first reviewer" films completed).



  • Meeting #3: Sun 12/7 @4-7P at Ana's house - address below. Potluck.
  • Meeting #2: Sun 10/7 @4-7P also at Ana's house - address below. Potluck.
  • Meeting #1: Mon, Sept 8th, 7-9:30P, Ana's house @165 N. Taylor Avenue in Oak Park (Taylor just S of Ontario). 2 blocks from Austin green line stop. Street parking available w pass (I can give you one). Recap: We had a great meeting, with almost all 20 of our OEFF2015 film reviewers in attendance! We ate, drank, and mingled at the outset -- and then got to work for a productive meeting of introductions (including our "satellite" film reviewer, Fumi, who Skyped in from Oakland CA!), and business. Here is a copy of the Powerpoint presentation we used to guide the orders of business during this first meeting.


ALL-PLANNING TEAM MEETINGS:  No meetings planned yet. Info forthcoming.

These meetings are open to any member of any planning committee subteam. The complete list of subteams is as follows.

  1. Film Selection & Programming (this team) - Subteam Lead: Ana Garcia Doyle
  2. Marketing: Print, Radio, Video, Digital Advertising/Promotions/Social Media/smaller subgroup Media Team for photos, video, etc. (includes interfacing w Marketing Partners) - Subteam Lead: TBD
  3. Fundraising (Sponsorships, Crowdfunding, Grants, Ticketed Event/s) -- Subteam Co-Leads: Sally Stovall/Laura Ford
  4. Venue and Site Logistics (includes smaller subgroups that will handle AV/Tech, as well as Events/Supplies/Catering) -- Subteam Lead: TBD
  5. Young Filmmakers  Contest -- Subteam Co-Leads: Sue Crothers/Matt Kosterman
  6. Volunteers -- Subteam Lead: Amy O'Rourke


SHORT FILMS TO FIRE US UP (from past film festival review lists)