Join us on September 29th for a day of discovering the thriving, resilient, sustainable community we have in Oak Park and River Forest!!  The tour will consist of 25 sites in four different categories: Energy, Waste, Water, and Food.  Learn more about the Waste track below, or download the full tour schedule now.


Simplify Your Life and Increase Your Happiness Quotient

Oak Park Library, 834 Lake St, Oak Park Site #9 on map Workshop at 9:30 am FREE

In this workshop, Krista Mikos, will engage us in thinking together about how we can sort through the clutter and make thoughtful choices so we can make time and space for the people, activities and things that bring us happiness in our lives.



Neighbors are Doing It Together

310 S Humphrey Ave, Oak Park Site # 10 on map Tour at 10:45 am KID FRIENDLY

Green Block Parties & More This is a 3/1 opportunity: You can chat with folks in the 300 block of South Humphrey who have been working together to green their lives, plus we will have a demo of a green (ZERO-waste) block party, and finally, you can take a tour through an Oak Parker's yard to see her creative approach to gardening, samples of her sculpture and her beautiful chickens.



Think Big! Community Composting Pilot Program

Lincoln School, 1111 S Grove, Oak Park Sites #11 and #12 on map Demos at 1:00 and 2:15 pm KID FRIENDLY FREE

Compostables Learn how we can save money, waste less, and get a mountain of fabulous compost for your garden. See how Oak Park's pilot "grey bin program" is reducing waste sent to the land fill and eliminating the need for yard waste bags. This program is currently being implemented in 110 homes and in Lincoln School and may be expanded in the coming year!



How to Set up Your Own Worm Composting

811 South Blvd, Oak Park Site #13 on map Demo at 3:30 pm KID FRIENDLY

Worm composting allows you to compost food waste rapidly, while producing high quality compost soil. Best of all, it's self-contained and odorless. This workshop will guide you step by step so you can leave (if you so choose +$) with your own compost bin -- worms and all. Plus you will leave with contact info for a mentor to call when questions arise! Green Home Experts,