Reading Cleaning Labels for Toxicity

  • Do Not Buy
    • If the label says Poison, Warning or Danger. Avoid products with these words & you need not read further.
  • Caution means use your common sense.
    • Remember: Federal law does not require all toxic ingredients to be listed.
  • Avoid Products with these words on the label:
    • Toxic or Solvent- in glass cleaners
    • Surfactant- in synthetic detergents
    • Optical Brighteners- in detergents
    • Inert – unnamed on label, but frequently more toxic than active ingredients
    • Synthetic Dye/Fragrance- in room fresheners and scented candles
    • Dispersal Agent
    • Volatile Organic Compounds- (VOC) vapors are toxic at room temperature
  • Avoid Products with these partial wordings on the label
    • Ene or ol- benzene, xylene benzol, toluol
    • Phenol- in pine disinfectants
    • Chlor- in bleaches and disinfectants
    • Naptha- in toilet and carpet cleaners
    • Phth (Phthalates)- in soft flexible plastics, vinyl products, children's toys, polymer clay
    • Perfluoro (pfc, pfoa) - in Teflon, Stainmaster, Scotchgard, Silverstone (persists forever)
  • Avoid Products that relate concerns about:
  • Combustibility, flammability, air quality, open flame, or skin irritation
  • Biodegradability (must say "readily" biodegradable)
  • Antibacterial soaps -- EPA defines them as pesticides. If TRICLOSAN is the active ingredient, it is even more toxic. 

Source: Hollender, Davis, Hollender, Naturally Clean Use of antibacterial soaps contributes to growth of drug resistant bacteria. Source:

Safer Brands & Where to Buy Them

List compiled by Peggy McGrath and Published in her “Healthier Families -- A Guide to Safer Products

  • Seventh Generation:
  • Jewel, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Green Home Experts, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Whole Foods 
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Soap :
  • Bed Bath & Beyond, Whole Foods, Green Home Experts, Target
  • Ecover:
  • Whole Foods, Green Home Experts
  • Bon Ami:
  • Jewel, Whole Foods, Target, Lowe’s
  • Earth Friendly Products:
  • Jewel, Bed Bath & Beyond, Whole Foods, Green Home Experts
  • Method:
  • Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lowe’s, Whole Foods (avoid their antibacterial products)
  • Products from recycled paper:
  • Staples, Green Home Experts, Jewel, Whole Foods
  • Diaper alternatives:
  • Green Home Experts, Babies R Us
  • Microfiber cloths:
  • Home Depot, Green Home Experts
  • Kitchen garbage bags – Biodegradable:
  • Green Home Experts
  • Bona Wood floor cleaner:
  • Ace Hardware and more


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