About Green Community Connections Network: Green Community Connections is a network of organizations and individuals passionate about building a sustainable and resilient community.  This network grew out of the Green Community Connections – Forum for Sustainability Advocates that was held in September, 2010.

Long-term goals of the Green Community Connections network include:

  • facilitate communication and education regarding environmental sustainability
  • promote the green initiatives of organizations and institutions in the community
  • work with Village and local institutions to initiate and support green policies
  • help develop and implement a strong sustainability plan for our area
  • participate in and help enhance the growth of the spirit of “Community” in our area

Currently the primary focus of the Green Community Connections network is to develop a communications web for community green initiatives, and to actively support the development of the PlanItGreen Sustainability Plan for Oak Park and River Forest.

About www.greencommunityconnections.org :

Green Community Connections is an electronic gathering place for stimulating conversations, useful resources, and neighbors helping each other, all working to build a resilient, environmentally sustainable community.

The purpose of the Green Community Connections Web Site and e-Newsletter are to build an online community through which we can connect to information, ideas, resources and people that will help us in our efforts to adopt green practices.


Our Board of Directors:

  • Jim Babcock, business development professional, co-leader of Interfaith Green Network
  • Ana Garcia Doyle, digital marketing strategist, sustainability consultant,  and trainer/public speaker
  • Sally Stovall, non-profit fundraising professional (Action for Children)