Volunteers Needed

Last year, our tour had 15 sustainable sites in Oak Park and River Forest, and it was a huge success! And this year, we’ll need your help to make it even better.

The 2012 Green Living and Learning Tour will take place on Saturday September 29th, 2012. Planning is underway now.  Volunteers are needed both for the planning and promotion teams, as well as onsite during the actual day of the event.


What You Need To Know

This year, the Green Living and Learning Tour has increased to 25 sustainable sites throughout Oak Park and River Forest!    Each site will need one volunteer to serve as a Site Greeter/Registrar. On the volunteer registration web page, you’ll see that some of the sites repeat throughout the day, and some are single site events.  Feel free to sign up for as many volunteer slots as you can manage, but make sure you have enough time to get from one site to the next.  You'll note that there is time blocked before and after each tour time, allowing for set up and tear down as needed.


Volunteer Opportunities

Register to Volunteer Now!

  • Site Greeters/Registrars As a Site Greeter/Registrar, your main responsibility will be to act as a resource for tour participants.   You may be asked questions about the tour, how to get to different sites, where to park bikes etc. You may also be asked about GCC and sustainability practices.  But don’t worry, you will be provided with a tour map, as well as any other resources you may need for your site. You will also have a list of the people who pre-registered for your particular site, and you will need to check them in as they arrive.


  • Closing Gathering At the end of the day, we will celebrate the success of our annual Green Living and Learning Tour with a closing gathering for the community.  We will need a number of volunteers to assist with the event, set up and tear down.


More information about each individual site and volunteer role will be made available closer to the event date.


Need More Reasons to Volunteer?

If you volunteer for at least one time slot, you are welcome to enjoy the rest of the tour sites for free.  Please note that volunteers still need to register for the event.  Registration can be found here http://2012greenlivingtour.eventbrite.com/ eventbrite.com/


And, last year’s volunteers had great things to say:

  • "Wonderful first time. Seemed to run very smooth(ly) on our end."
  • "I'm in awe of how this small team came together -- conceived, planned and mounted one of the most enlightening, thought-provoking weekends I've ever experienced during my 22 years in Oak Park."
  • "It was fun and worthwhile."
  • "Despite how hard we worked, I had a great sense of well-being while participating."
  • "I have had an amazing experience getting to know all of you and in the process further getting to know myself! The event has truly been transformative for me."
  • "People really took the intent of the event to heart."
  • "I am . . . in awe that we worked through all of the various decisions and challenges that we faced amicably and graciously even with lots of stresses and lots of different personalities and lots of different opinions. And we even had fun together!"
  • "I really enjoyed it and thought it was very rewarding."


For More Information:

Check out the 2011 inaugural Green Connections bike tour here and here.

And see how this year's Green Living & Learning Tour will be even better!


If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact Katie Morris, Katie.a.morris@gmail.com.