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Green Community Connections provides a place to tap into conversations about sustainability issues and to identify concrete steps you can take. We believe change is both necessary and possible and the best way to get there is together. Learn more About Us.

Sustainable Food Certificate Offered Online by Triton


Triton College now offers an online certificate in Sustainable Food Production with classes beginning January 20.  There are five courses-13 credits required to complete the certificate.  Tuition is $108 per credit hour plus fees, which is considered in-district pricing, even though anyone in the world may apply.

Spring online courses offered include:  Principles of Agroecology, Urban Agriculture Issues, Sustainable Plant Production for Human Nutrition, and Managing Food Production Systems in Urban Landscapes.

Go to www.triton.edu/horticulture or contact Benjamin Newton for more information at benjaminnewton@triton.edu or 708-779-4943.

Volunteer Spotlight: Gloria Araya

856666_449576525112514_1438695950_oOne Earth Film Festival wouldn’t exist without the support and generosity of our passionate, dedicated volunteers. Their stories are the fest’s stories

For a deeper look at what it means to be a part of One Earth Film Festival, volunteer Gloria Araya shared her thoughts on actionable impact, compelling film and the meaning of sustainability.

Why did you decide to volunteer your time and talent for One Earth Film Festival?

I first heard about the idea of the film festival through my friend Ana Garcia Doyle. Except for Ana, I did not know any other member of the festival team, yet the idea felt so right. I wanted to be part of a group that cares about the things I care about: the preservation of nature and protection of the environment, the care of our communities and the welfare of others, it felt right to be part of an “idea” that wishes to empower others utilizing our creative and intellectual power.

My decision to volunteer was also influenced by my up bringing. I grew up in another country where I was surrounded by nature. In Chile we are blessed with a geography that provide its inhabitants with the most delicious marine products as well as fresh fruits and vegetables imaginable. I grow up eating by the seasons, I knew what a watermelon and grapes with seeds looked like and tasted like. I get very nostalgic at times thinking that my son will never know what a real grape, with seeds as nature intended it, tasted like; so sweet, almost too sweet at times, and indescribably flavorful.

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#GiveOneEarth Invest in Sustainable Film & Action

This season share the gift of sustainability!

OEFF Impact Campaign. Social Media Image

One Earth Film Festival creates opportunities for understanding climate change, sustainability and the power of people to take action. We showcase top-issue, thought-provoking environmental films leading audiences through interactive post-film discussions focused on solutions and actions.

This year we’re poised to grow our impact significantly. To do so, we need your help!

Through IndieGoGo, One Earth Film Festival is launching its first-ever online giving opportunity, where YOU can create social and environmental impact with your support of our event  View our IndieGoGo Campaign.

Take Action. Make a difference.

If you believe in a sustainable future, support our festival’s growth and impact.

We believe in the power of people. Our goal for individual contributions is $5,000. It takes $50,000+ to produce a festival of this caliber. We’re looking to source 10% of that goal through individuals committed to sustainability.

Many hands make for light work.”  To reach our goal, we must expand our reach. Share this opportunity with you friends.

Every dollar counts. Each contribution made during this impact campaign significantly enhances our ability to present high-quality film and discussion.

Your investment will create measurable impact. One Earth Film Festival tracks commitments made by attendees to take environmental action; we will send you and other investors an “Actions Report,” describing the impact made by your investment.

Enjoy the benefits of your investment.  As an agent of change, your impact awards you unique opportunities at a variety of levels – from receiving a sneak peek of our program guide up to enjoying tickets to our Green Carpet Gala. Special perks are our way of saying, “Thank you!”

Together, we can make the 2015 festival is our most inspiring  yet. Your financial support is a commitment we deeply appreciate and recognize as a meaningful contribution towards the protection of our One Earth. Thank you!

Make Change Happen – Invest NOW!

Increase Proven Outcomes

Last year’s 2,400 attendees viewed 38 screenings of 30 films in over 24 locations in Oak Park, River Forest, Berwyn and Chicago. This year’s festival promises to expand its reach, attendance and impact region-wide. We are aiming to reach 4,000 festival goers Here’s why …

We’re the only one! One Earth Film Festival is the only festival of its kind in the region that focuses solely on environmental issues.

We’re growing. Festival attendance has grown exponentially since our first year. As we grow, we know interest in these topics continues to build.

We transform inspiration into action. Green Community Connection volunteers who believe in environmental sustainability and education founded the One Earth Film Festival.  These volunteers, together with more than 140 partners, collaborate to present sustainability education and action opportunities all year round.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t invest financially, we still need your help spreading the word!

Organizations or businesses wishing to invest in our impact should contact Sally Stovall – sally@greencommunityconnections.org (773) 315-1109

Thank you!


Inside the Film Selection Process

10846449_754163424653821_7185445788641356030_nInside the OEFF Film Team

Last March, One Earth Film Festival audiences attended 30 films — in 36 discreet film events and more than two dozen Chicagoland locations. For its fourth annual event this Spring, the festival plans a similar scope of films and programs (but with expanded partnerships, action opportunities, and attendance!). How are the final films selected? Who develops the film programs?

Here, we look inside the One Earth Film Festival film selection and programming process, which typically begins at the end of each Summer with a team of at least a dozen.

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Stay Tuned for the Official One Earth Film Festival 2015 Line-up

The One Earth Film Festival- Film & Programming Team screens hundreds of potential films for the final line-up. Each film is evaluated for impact, quality, relevance and presentation of an actionable solution. From hundreds the list is narrowed down to 30+ high-quality, solution-oriented films that the festival feels are the most compelling.

As the anticipation builds for the final film list announcement, tune into One Earth Film Festival’s Facebook page. Periodically, trailers from films in consideration will be posted for your review.

Biomimicry Interactive Workshop at Oak Park Conservatory on November 9.

Photos are compliments of Cassandra West of New Media Access.                             

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