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Green Community Connections provides a place to tap into conversations about sustainability issues and to identify concrete steps you can take. We believe change is both necessary and possible and the best way to get there is together. Learn more About Us.

Festival Choice Award Film


Join us for:

One Earth Film Fest’s
Festival Choice Award Film

6 p.m. Wednesday, April 22
Columbia College

Film Row Cinema
1104 S. Wabash Ave.
8th Floor, Chicago

The votes are being counted, and now our jury is determining the winning film! Reserve the date and check back here to discover the winner. Then invite your friends to see the best of the fest! Admission is free but registration via Eventbrite is required.

Native Plant Orders Due March 31

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Pre-order your plants from Wild Ones and pick up May 17.
Gardening with natives has never been easier, thanks to West Cook Wild Ones.  For the next two weeks, you can order all of those hard-to-find natives that will make your yard come alive again with birds, bees, butterflies, and unique flowers, grasses, trees and shrubs – then drive by and pick up your plants at Dominican University in River Forest on May 17.  This year, West Cook Wild Ones has a brand new Shopify site with gardening tips, photos, and descriptions of how and where to use each plant, along with notes on the species that will be attracted by the leaves, flowers, fruit, and seeds.  Plan your garden today, then order online with a few clicks. Only pre-orders will be accepted and they are due by March 31.


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Arboretum Progress Update

squirrelOak Park might become the second town in the country, and the first in Illinois, to be certified as an arboretum. Oak Park Village Forester, Robert Sproule, made this announcement on Sunday, March 22, at the meeting of The Learning Gardens of Oak Park. The Village of Oak Park in cooperation with the Park District of Oak Park submitted an application on March 13, to the Morton Arboretum to have the trees in the parks and on the parkways of Oak Park certified as an arboretum and are awaiting final approval.

Earlier this year, the two jurisdictions completed an electronic inventory of their trees, including the species and GPS coordinates of each tree.  Once the system is fully operational, Sproule reported, people with access to the Village of Oak Park Resident GIS Portal or Google Earth will be able to view the data. For instance, they should be able to print out on their computers a map of the trees on their block, or use their smart phones to identify the species of a tree in their vicinity. Sproule estimated that the Village and Park District jointly have about 130 species of trees.

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Survey on Organizational Participation, e.g., Giving & Volunteering

LiveandgiveThe Oak Park River Forest Community Foundation is sponsoring a community survey about your participation in various organizations including volunteering your time and talents or making financial contributions.  If you spend 20 minutes filling out this survey then $5 will be donated to the Oak Park River Forest Community Foundation. This is meant to be anonymous, unless you want to volunteer your name. After results are tabulated, $5000 will be donated to a local nonprofit on April 30. Please complete the survey before March 31. Thank you!

Thank you to our Presenting Sponsors from the One Earth Film Festival.