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A Posthumous Appreciation for an 86-year-old American Elm Tree



As I left church a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a huge base of a tree trunk on the parkway of our church property. I felt a mix of surprise, anger and sadness. Clearly it was a very large tree that I hadn’t really paid much attention to. In the coming weeks, I started seeing more signs of other trees that had been cut down. These images of previously large, beautiful trees that had stood for years, now shaved off at the ground haunted me, and I wanted to know more.

I asked a knowledgeable friend and then finally called the village forester, Rob Sproule. He told me that “my” American Elm had been identified as having the symptoms of Dutch Elm disease and therefore had been marked for removal. He also shared with me more information about the village’s parkway tree maintenance program, and I learned that, Village foresters must continually monitor trees for damage, disease and insect infestations, with an eye toward public safety. Most trees also have a set life span. Removing trees and planting new ones is a basic part of the life cycle of an urban forest.”

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Aromatherapy: Using Nature’s Brilliance


We hear the term aromatherapy everywhere. Avoid the electrical outlet plug-ins and petrochemicals. Real aromatherapy uses plant-based essential oils.

Gina Orlando, wellness consultant and coach, explains that essential oils are, “concentrated, distilled, aromatic, volatile molecules of certain plants. They are the essence of plant intelligence.”

Plant Power

This intelligence has evolved over millions of years, as plants developed chemicals that help defend from predators or attract pollinators. Throughout human history, we have experimented by crushing leaves and other plant parts, processing them in some way, and using the essential oils to improve our own physical or emotional health.

“We have a symbiotic relationship with plants, a biological unity,” says Orlando. “We benefit from their intelligence, healing power and beauty….There is brilliance in nature.”

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Recycling Extravaganza Drive Thru

Recycling Poster


Celebrate Earth Day with Us


We invite you to continue the One Earth Film Festival fun and celebrate Earth Day with us by watching the award-winning film, “Growing Cities” on Friday, April 22, at Chicago’s official Earth Day celebration in two locations. This 60-minute film is friendly for all ages.

Clarendon Park Community Center (Gymnasium)
4501 N. Clarendon Ave., Chicago
6 p.m. for refreshments
7 p.m. film screening
8:30 p.m. star gazing activity (weather permitting)
Adler Planetarium, Johnson Star Theater
1300 S. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago

6:30 p.m. for refreshments
7 p.m. film screening
8:30-10 p.m. telescope observing (weather permitting)

Seating is limited. FREE advance registration recommended at this link.

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Thank you to our Presenting Sponsors from the One Earth Film Festival.


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