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Add a Green-Themed Activity to Your Block Party


Planning a block party in Oak Park for July, Aug or Sept? Check out these green-themed “show & tell” activities offered by Green Community Connections and partners.

  • Mobilizing for monarchs: Stories of the amazing monarch butterfly and how we can help them survive and thrive! (with: West Cook Wild Ones)
  • Tips for a beautiful, family friendly lawn: Get tips on solving common lawn-care problems without toxic chemicals. (with: The Deep Roots Project)
  • Strategies for making eating more sustainable: Enjoy tasting yummy plant-rich dishes and share ideas for reducing food waste.

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Explore the Magical World of Native Plants

Have you ever walked by a beautiful garden brimming with blooms and butterflies and thought, I wonder how they did this? The upcoming Birds, Bees & Butterflies Native Garden Tour in Oak Park and River Forest will give you a chance to satisfy your curiosity and talk to the people behind their own gardens. Passionate native plant enthusiasts, master gardeners, professional designers and experienced naturalists will guide you through 12 enchanting gardens that creatively incorporate native plants.

“Whatever your experience level, you will enjoy opportunities to learn from the gardeners themselves, who are all passionate about native plants and are eager to share their knowledge, tips and tricks,” says Pam Todd, co-founder of West Cook Wild Ones, which is hosting the tour. “Whether you are just getting started from scratch or want to expand an established garden, you can get your questions answered.”

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It’s Time to Plan a Green Event for Your Block Party!

Spring has sprung, the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming.

Host a green show & tell event at your block party to explore ways we can do our part to support Mother Nature. You can choose from one of the following topics offered by Green Community Connections and friends or design your own event.

  • Mobilizing for monarchs. Stories of the amazing monarch butterfly (with West Cook Wild Ones).
  • Tips for a beautiful, family-friendly, chemical-free lawn (with Deep Roots Project).
  • Simple strategies for eating sustainably and reducing waste (with Sugar Beet Schoolhouse).

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Native Garden Tour Elicits ‘Oohs and Ahs’

Mary Ann DeBruin (far right) shows her native plants to Michelle Cronin. Mary Ann’s garden was one of 15 private and public native gardens on tour during peak season.

“Visitors loved seeing the goldfinches on the anise hyssop and cup plants, the monarchs landing on the swamp milkweed and bumblebees everywhere. There were literally ‘oohs and ahs,’” says garden host Adrian Fisher.  With Mother Nature’s cooperation, the Interfaith Green Network, Green Community Connections and West Cook Wild Ones hosted a successful “Birds, Bees & Butterflies: A Native Garden Tour” in Oak Park and River Forest on August 6.

One of the best things about the tour, Fisher and other garden hosts agree, was all the pollinators and birds that flitted about in the yard, putting on a fabulous demonstration about why gardening with native plants is so important and wonderful.

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School Garden Symposium