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Sustainababble: a Podcast with a British Sense of Humor

Ol and Dave, the voices behind Sustainababble.

Dave and Ol are two Brits who work for environmental charities. Each week, they digest the latest environmental news stories, speak with experts, and spout their own opinions in their 30- to 40-minute, light comedy podcast, Sustainababble, which has as its motto: “Trying to be cheery in the face of impending ecological disaster.” Blimey.

Dave and Ol do not use their last names in an effort to disassociate their podcast from their workaday and personal lives. As lifelong friends, they came up with the idea for Sustainababble after a drink or two at a local pub.

In an email, Dave wrote: “We started the podcast because, frankly, we couldn’t see anyone else who was talking about environmental issues in a way that wasn’t a bit dreary, or filled you with despair. We wanted to talk about the things that most interest us and admit that it’s all complicated. Who the heck knows what the green thing to do is all the time, and how much difference does it make anyway? We wanted to make people laugh and think and get a kind of shared sense of not really knowing what to do, but all hopefully pushing in roughly the right direction.”

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Volunteers Needed for Monarch Habitat Construction

Join the workday for the Student Citizen Science Monarch Ecological Engineering Project beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday, April 28, and continuing throughout the day at the Morton Freshman Center, 1801 South 55th Ave., in Cicero. Stay for just the morning, the afternoon, or all day.

This monarch butterfly habitat project was spearheaded by Morton High School science teacher, Kevin O’Toole. Using next generation science standards and engineering design standards about 100 high school freshmen designed a 5000 square foot monarch butterfly habitat which they will now build with help from you!

Volunteers are needed to build the following: benches, pavilion or gazebo, garden arbor, compost bin, garden trellis, Peace Pole, and more. Donations of mulch, crushed gravel, river rocks, stones for pathways, wood for benches, and native plants are also appreciated. Sign up for exactly how you want to help at this link.

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Sacred Wandering

Fokke Baarssen/Shutterstock

Join us as we explore meditation-in-nature with Sacred Wandering. Simplicity and reverence will be our guides. Join Terry Kinsey and me as we explore a new way of experiencing nature – the Sacred Wandering Way. If you yearn to be rooted down with earth’s healing power, join us. Throughout the millennia, people have gone to the forests and mountains to connect with themselves and the sacred in themselves. Ascetics, monks, indigenous people, Thoreau, Buddha and even Christ went out into the wilderness to practice a form of Sacred Wandering. We will move slowly through the out-of-doors with an intention to connect with nature’s healing power. There will be silence and discussion. The group will meet no matter what the weather so come prepared and bring something to sit upon.

Krista teaches Environmental Justice and Advocacy at DePaul University and is a 25 year practitioner of Qi Gong. Terry has led numerous outdoor retreats and has been a practicing Unitarian Universalist-Buddhist for 2 decades as well.

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Oak Park Earth Fest 2018

Fun for the whole family awaits at the 2018 Earth Fest, including a wide range of activities for kids from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, April 21, at the Village of Oak Park Public Works Center, 201 South Blvd. Engage with more than 50 vendors and organizations who will provide hands-on activities, environmental services information, free samples and green goods for sale. Take a tour of the LEED Gold-certified Public Works facility, and check out the beehives on the building’s green roof.

Kids can pet and feed goats from an urban goat farm, play in the bounce house, get their faces painted and enjoy a puppet show. They can also play in a pop-up park set up by the Park District of Oak Park and check out a book from the Oak Park Library’s book bike.

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The Latest on Engineered Foods, Glyphosate Toxicity and Your Health


7 to 8:30 p.m., Thursday, April 12
Trinity High School, 7574 Division Street, River Forest

Presentation by Dr. Thierry Vrain, a genetic engineer who resides in British Columbia. Following a long career as a soil biologist and genetic scientist during  which he analyzed the large amount of scientific evidence that shows how synthetic pesticides harm human health and the environment, Dr. Vrain is sounding the warning about the multiple dangers associated with pesticide use in crop production and domestic applications. He refutes the claims of the biotechnology companies that their engineered crops yield more, that they require fewer pesticide applications, that they have no impact on the environment and, of course, that they are safe to eat.

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