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Green Community Connections provides a place to tap into conversations about sustainability issues and to identify concrete steps you can take. We believe change is both necessary and possible and the best way to get there is together. Learn more About Us.

Let’s Spread the Monarch Magic

Creative Commons/Wikimedia

Monarch butterfly on swamp milkweed. Photo by Jim Hudgins/USFWS.

Who has not experienced delight and awe when they catch sight of a monarch butterfly? But the population of this beloved species has declined by 90 percent over the past 20 years. Communities locally and nationally are mobilizing to increase monarch habitat. That’s where you come in. It turns out that urban and suburban areas are the monarch’s best hope for recovery.  Join us to launch this initiative on January 31st!

In 1975, Illinois chose the monarch as the state insect, the result of lobbying by schoolchildren. Today, the Eastern population of the monarch is in trouble. The monarch migrates between Canada, the U.S., and Mexico and is currently listed as “threatened” by the IUCN. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is currently charged with evaluating whether the monarch should be designated an endangered species.

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Ecobee3 Thermostat Saves Energy and Money

The ecobee3 adjusts nighttime temperature so the Parmar Family wakes up to a toasty house but saves money while they sleep.

The Parmar Family saves energy and money while they sleep but wakes up to a toasty, warm house because of the ecobee3.

What if your heating system were smart enough to stay at 70 degrees during the day and drop down to 65 degrees at night? What if it were smart enough to even reactivate at 4:30 a.m. so that your house would go from 65 degrees to a comfortable 70 by the time you woke up every morning at 6 a.m.?

And what if you wound up saving 23% (average) on your heating/cooling bills by the end of a year?

The programmable ecobee3 thermostat saves energy and money by using room sensors to deliver preferred temperatures at desired times. This system even works well in drafty Oak Park and River Forest homes.

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Double your Donation on #GivingTuesday



This year, a group of One Earth volunteers pooled their resources to create a matching gift opportunity for #Giving Tuesday.

Any investment you make on or before Tuesday, November 29, will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $2,000. That will make a total impact of $4,000 to support the 2017 One Earth Film Festival and the year-round efforts of Green Community Connections.



Action is the Antidote to Despair

Filipe Frazao/Shutterstock

Filipe Frazao/Shutterstock

The election has ended. Donald Trump is our president-elect.  As a candidate he threatened to dismantle the EPA and rip up the Paris Agreement. As president-elect, he named climate denier Myron Ebell to lead his EPA transition team.

“Action is the antidote to despair,” said Joan Baez. It’s more important than ever that we continue to fight for a healthy planet. We citizens have so much power if we unite our efforts with others.  Let’s work as a community and cheer each other on when it gets tough. And it will get tough.

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New Filmmaking Workshops for Kids


One Earth Film Festival offers three filmmaking workshops for kids from 3rd through 8th grades which are just for fun or to help develop skills to enter the Young Filmmakers Contest.

High school students in need of extra help with filmmaking may partake of artist/teacher Jeff Lassahn’s free tutelage from 4 to 5:30 p.m. Wednesdays, at the Chicago Public Library’s YouMedia, 400 S. State St., in Chicago. Call 312-747-5260 first to confirm his availability.

Live Action Workshops for Grades 3 to 8
Live action filmmaking workshops are split into two age groups, grades 3 to 5 and grades 6 to 8. Each age group will have two classes lasting 2-1/2 hours each on Sundays, Dec. 4 and 11. Please bring an ipad or tablet, if possible. The first class will cover story, lighting, and audio, with plenty of time for hands on learning. The following week, the focus will be editing and production. Kids will have time to shoot additional footage during the week between classes.

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Thank you to our Presenting Sponsors from the One Earth Film Festival.