Native Trees and Shrubs are Ecological Powerhouses

Sassafras tree blossom, Hill’s Oak leaves, and Buttonbush blossom–all available through the Native Tree and Shrub Sale. Photos from Possibility Place Nursery.

Pre-order now for the 2017 Fall Native Tree and Shrub Sale.

Trees and shrubs provide butterflies, moths, birds, and bees many different resources. Planting trees and shrubs is also a great way to help out the environment, since they produce oxygen, sequester carbon, clean the air and water, and provide numerous other benefits. You can even forest bathe right in your own yard!

This shrub and tree sale offers canopy trees (taller species), understory trees, and shrubs in order to make it easy for anyone to create a layered landscape that generates visual interest and provides wildlife support throughout the year. Many of the plants produce spring flowers; then berries or nuts and other types of seeds develop in the fall and winter.

The sale has expanded this year to include Blue Beech, Dwarf Honeysuckle, Red-stem Dogwood, Bladdernut, Pagoda Dogwood, Juneberry, and more.

Pre-order by September 24, 2017

  • Some plants have limited quantities, so order early to get the best selection.
  • Pickup your order on September 30, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. @ Euclid Ave. United Methodist Church parking lot, 405 S. Euclid Ave. (just south of Washington Ave. on Euclid Ave.)

The 2017 Native Tree and Shrub Sale is sponsored by West Cook Wild Ones and Green Community Connections.

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