Black Ice

Saturday March 5th, 7 pm/ Good Earth GreenhouseTickets

Arrive early to purchase refreshments!
This film is for general audiences, but teens and pre-teens are encouraged to attend. Stay after the film for Q&A with Kelly Mitchell, Climate Campaign Director, Greenpeace. Concrete, local action opportunities will also be shared. Facilitator: Susan Lucci, Professional Trainer & Coach.

Maarten van Rouveroy/ 2013/ 53 min/ Social Justice, Youth (Middle School +)

FILM DESCRIPTION: When the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise set sail to protest the first ever oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean, none of the people on board could have known what was coming. Seized at gunpoint by Russian special forces, the ‘Arctic 30’ were thrust into headlines all over the world, facing up to 15 years in prison and finding themselves at the centre of a bitter international dispute. Black Ice is a film about social justice and attendance is acceptable for middle school + aged viewers.


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Bomb Trains on the Hudson

Sunday March 6th, 12:30 pm/ Ascension Catholic Church/ Tickets

A light lunch will be served immediately prior to the film, at noon. Three short films (Bomb Trains on the Hudson, Backyard, and The Sustainable) will be woven together with quotes from the recent Papal Encyclical, Laudato Si, which urges a sense of integral ecology and care for our common home and common family. Post-film opportunities include a panel of experts in trains that carry hazardous materials, fracking in Illinois and updates on the solar energy field. There will be time for Q&A and opportunities to take concrete action on various issues, including local environmental issues in Cicero and information on socially responsible investing (Joe O’Krepky with Edward Jones). Facilitator: Gina Orlando, DePaul Faculty; Wellness Coach, Consultant, Hypnotherapist at Healthy is Wealthy.

Panelists include:
Alexis Aurigemma, Co-producer of the film “The Sustainable”
Lisa Albrecht, Board member of ISEA (Illinois Solar Energy Association)
Stacey Durley Hess, Environmental consultant for environmental investigations and remediation in the Midwest.
Dawn Dannenbring, Environmental organizer for Illinois Peoples Action

Jon Bowermaster/ 2015/ 7 min/ Energy

FILM DESCRIPTION: For many years, the Hudson river, like so many waterways, was treated like an infinite waste barrel, a receptacle for poisonous chemicals, hazardous waste and trash of all descriptions. However, in the past forty years, thanks to a committed group of environmentalists and their agencies (Riverkeeper, Scenic Hudson, Clearwater and more) the river has become markedly cleaner. While it is still an under-utilized natural resource, increasingly it is used by boaters, kayakers, even swimmers as a recreational playground. But the river has had a “foot on its neck” for one hundred years and still today, despite the efforts to clean it up, there are environmental risks and concerns.

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The Breach

Pre-Event Screening: Wednesday February 24th, 6:30 pm/ Forest Park Public LibraryTickets

Post-film program includes discussion about protecting our marine environments and the quality of our precious water resources. Independent environmental journalist Gary Wilson will be on hand to help frame the conversation. Gary specializes in water issues as a commentator for Great Lakes Echo and WKAR Public Radio in Lansing, Michigan. Facilitator:  Stephanie McCray, Executive Coach, Consultant, Speaker.

Saturday March 5th, 3 pm/ Wilmette Theater/ Tickets

Come see “The Breach” at the WIlmette Theater Saturday March 5th at 3 pm. Stay for post-film dialogue, and to hear about opportunities for relevant, local action, from Jessica Fujan of Food and Water Watch. Concessions will be available for purchasing snacks and beverages. Facilitator: Jill Stewart, Founder, Stewart Communications & Co-Founder, Green Block.

Sunday March 6th, 3:30 pm/ Sixth Grace Presbyterian Church/ Tickets

Arrive early to enjoy a Green Fair before the film. Also learn about green activities, and hear about concrete, local opportunities for action from Faith in Place and other relevant advocacy groups. Facilitator: Rev. Dr. Barbara Wilson, Presbytery Community Organizer, Presbytery of Chicago.

Mark Titus/2014/ 85 min/ Water

FILM DESCRIPTION: When fishing guide and filmmaker Mark Titus learns why wild salmon populations plummeted in his native Pacific Northwest, he embarks on a journey to discover where the fish have gone and what might bring them back. Along the way, Titus unravels a trail of human hubris, historical amnesia and potential tragedy looming in Alaska – all conspiring to end the most sustainable wild food left on the planet. Visit The Breach‘s official site.


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Catching the Sun

Saturday March 5th, 11 am/ Institute of Cultural Affairs/ Ticket

Program will include a tour of the Institute of Cultural Affairs Greenrise’s solar array (the 2nd largest in the City of Chicago), and a brief sharing of initiatives by Cook County Community Solar Project, as well as Ben Ishibashi of the National People’s Action Clean Jobs Bill. Facilitator: Samantha Sainsbury, Program Coordinator at Institute of Cultural Affairs.

Saturday March 5th, 3 pm Trinity United Church of Christ/ Tickets

Stay for our post film program where Imani Village will share about their solar house project. There will also be opportunities for taking concrete action from local advocacy groups such as Faith in Place. Facilitator: Fara Taylor, Finance & HR Administrator at Institute of Cultural Affairs.

Shalini Kantayya/ 2013/ 75 min/ Energy

FILM DESCRIPTION: Through the stories of workers and entrepreneurs in the U.S. and China, Catching the Sun is a feature length documentary that explores the global race to a clean energy future. Catching the Sun follows the hope and heartbreak of unemployed American workers seeking jobs in the solar industry and sheds light on the path to an economically and environmentally sustainable future.


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Food for Thought, Food for Life

Sunday March 6th, 6:30 pm/ 19th Century ClubTickets
(Arrive at 5:30 pm to experience the Nissan Electric LEAF)

Please join us for our Closing Screening & Reception!

Food for Thought, Food for Life will be paired with 2 other short films, Soil Carbon Cowboys, and Man in the Maze. The program features post-film discussion about the regeneration of our food systems, our health, and ultimately our society. Refreshments and opportunities for relevant local action will also be shared. Facilitator: Seamus Ford, Co-Founder, Root Riot Urban Garden Network

Susan Rockefeller/ 2014/ 22 min/ Food, Agriculture

FILM DESCRIPTION: A short documentary film, Food for Thought, Food for Life, educates people about the negative impact our current methods of agriculture have on the earth. In addition to providing vital information, the film gives viewers the necessary tools to make a difference in their own lives. It explores the connection between the planet and our health and suggests that strengthening that connection will only benefit our future.

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